Alyssa writes and proofs content for Legal InSites. She enjoys the challenging task of taking sometimes dense and confusing legal information and spinning it into plain terms so that it’s accessible for everyone.

When people are searching for legal help, they don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of legal jargon. I like that we simplify the information so that not only everyone who needs help can get it, but they can also feel confident doing so. I’m grateful to work for Legal InSites because we always have real people’s best interests at heart.

As the newest writer for the team, Alyssa has secured her position in the Merch Idea Department with her on-trend contribution of clear fanny packs, but the idea has yet to be realized. She most enjoys helping to decorate the office for the best holiday, Halloween, which is also her birthday. Spooky!

When she’s not on the clock, she scrolls through Twitter to stay up-to-date on the most current and funniest memes. She also makes sure to stay on trend for the best and newest merch ideas, like Legal InSites Crocs.