Kristen is the newest member of Legal InSites’ team of writers. Since beginning her work with the company earlier this year, she has written content for law firms across the country. She relishes every opportunity to gain insight into the diverse geographical and cultural foundations of each legal office’s community of attorneys and the clients they serve. Her job as a writer allows her to learn about and connect with a wide variety of areas and topics through the medium of written language.

She was also recently involved in a Legal InSites project managing scholarship campaigns for its clients. Through this project, she was able to see her work be part of an initiative encouraging continued education. Her experiences as a content writer have been thus-far rewarding in many ways.

“I have had such a great experience becoming part of the Legal InSites clan. It’s no surprise that my now-coworkers take so much pride in the atmosphere of hard work, accomplishment, and camaraderie they have developed into a company culture. I only hope I can keep up with them when I join their next Monopolyathon.”

Outside of the office, Kristen likes to keep her language capabilities sharp through good, old-fashioned book-reading, creative writing, Chinese-English translation, and texting inside jokes to her family group chat. When she wants to get away from words, she goes outside and runs as far as she can.