Legal InSites Sponsoring Alabaster’s “Cup of Love” Event

It’s an awesome week here at Legal InSites! We’re thrilled to welcome Rhonda (Ohio) and Caitlin (Arizona) to our amazing content team! This officially makes us a “remote”-friendly organization and no longer solely based out of Williamsport, PA. Allowing for remote flexibility has opened our talent pool exponentially and we couldn’t be more excited. In […]

Employee Spotlight: Justin Lutz, Social Media Specialist

Justin is the social media specialist for Legal InSites. He creates and maintains clients’ active social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to regularly share new site content, blog posts, and local news that will help build an online reputation to acquire an entirely organic follower base establishing new connections. On a weekly basis, […]

Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Trostle, Content Writer

Alyssa writes and proofs content for Legal InSites. She enjoys the challenging task of taking sometimes dense and confusing legal information and spinning it into plain terms so that it’s accessible for everyone. “When people are searching for legal help, they don’t want to have to dig through a bunch of legal jargon. I like […]

Employee Spotlight: Melissa Walker, Content Writer

Melissa writes, reviews, and publishes content for Legal InSites. She focuses on providing clients with the best possible content by staying up-to-date with the latest SEO practices. Working for lawyers and their law firms has been an incredibly rewarding experience for her—especially when knowing that what she writes has the potential to help injury victims […]

Employee Spotlight: Lucas Hardgrave, Lead Content Writer

Lucas oversees all the writerly things here at Legal InSites. He keeps the writing team on their toes, ensures everything we write and publish for our clients is the absolute best it can be, and maintains open conversations with all of our clients to make sure their content needs are met. Occasionally, he even gets […]

Employee Spotlight: Anna Criswell, Content Writer

Anna writes, proofs, and publishes unique SEO-driven content for Legal InSites. She enjoys the challenge of producing strong content for legal clients so their firms can grow. She finds gratification in writing content knowing it can connect experienced, compassionate lawyers with people who need help with their legal matters. Anna is the only person at […]

Now Hiring: SEO Specialist – Williamsport, PA

Legal InSites is a growing digital marketing agency that specializes in web design & development, search engine optimization, content writing, and social media. We work exclusively with law firms and our clients are spread out across the United States. We’re focused on helping law firms grow their business through effective digital marketing strategies. As the SEO […]

hermes award announcement 2018

Legal InSites Wins Three 2018 Hermes Creative Awards

We’re happy to announce that Legal InSites has added three Hermes Creative Awards to our already-impressive collection of website design rewards and recognitions. In 2017, we won a platinum award for our own website as well as a gold award for one of our first client website designs. In 2018, we upped the ante and […]

CP Squared

Legal InSites Comes Home With a [CP]2 Bracket Award!

Just last month, you may remember how excited we were to become a part of Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals, also referred to as [CP]2. [CP]2 is a non-profit orgnization that empowers, supports, and recognizes marketing, communications, and design professionals and creative agencies across Central Pennsylvania. We were proud to become a member of [CP]2 and get the […]

Legal InSites Joins Central Pennsylvania Creative Professionals

At Legal InSites, we’re not only proud of what our skilled marketing team is capable of designing, creating, and accomplishing for our clients, but of our local professional community. Central Pennsylvania is home to a large number of talented, creative professionals and visionaries who put their hearts in everything they do. We’re proud to be […]



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