5 Great Questions to Ask Your SEO Provider

There are a whole lot of search engine optimization (SEO) providers and agencies out there that claim to be SEO “experts”. Most provide quality SEO services and can succeed in helping your law firm’s website climb Google’s rankings, but every now and then you’ll come across one that doesn’t quite fit the bill. There are […]

Google Confirms .LAWYER and .LAW TLD Addresses Don’t Help SEO

If you follow the latest webmaster and SEO blogs, you’re likely familiar with the fact that there’s been a recent push for those keyword-rich .news, .live, .lawyer, .attorney, and .law TLD addresses (top-level domain addresses) that are becoming slightly popular. For those unaware, here’s a brief rundown: Essentially, companies are selling web addresses that make […]

New Design for Coming Soon?

It seems we may be seeing a subtle, new design for sooner than later. Some members of Reddit are reporting a new redesign “test”. The new design only seems to be available for certain web users so far which may confirm its testing status. Google hasn’t made an announcement regarding the redesign at the […]

Google TestMySite Tool Tests Speed and Mobile-Friendliness

In the past, Google has allowed website owners to test their sites using tools like PageSpeed Insights, PageSpeed Tools, and the company’s Mobile-Friendly Test which focuses on website design. These tools have proven invaluable for experienced website designers and developers, but for small business owners like law firm owners who may prefer tools that are […]

Is Your Law Firm Prepared for Voice Search?

With the ever-increasing arrival of virtual assistants like Siri, Google Voice, Cortana, Amazon Alexa, Viv, and Google Home, our lives and homes are becoming more intertwined with our favorite technological devices every day. These virtual assistants encourage and essentially train us to become more comfortable with having vocal “conversations” with our devices whether we’re instructing […]

Top 6 Mistakes Made when Managing a Law Firm Blog

Blog management for law firms can often seem like a chore. You’re busy managing your firm—how can you possibly have time to keep up with a blog as well? Without updates, a law firm blog is as good as dead, and consistently coming up with new article ideas can be a challenge, especially for practice […]

How Google RankBrain Helps Your Law Firm Gain New Clients

In October 2015, Google talked about a new component of their infamous search engine ranking algorithm which is collectively called “Hummingbird”. This new component is referred to as RankBrain. It uses computer learning to help place search engine results in the ranked lists we see and interact with on a daily basis. Google understandably keeps […]

Tips for Using Social Media to Generate Legal Client Leads

You’ve probably heard the terms “lead generation” and “lead conversion” before in regards to gaining new legal clients. In legal digital marketing, lead generation is the process of gaining new potential clients after they view your site or social media post and gain an interest in your firm. Lead conversion occurs when those interested potential […]



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