Cya 2018, You Were Amazing. Hello 2019.

I love doing this post every year. I enjoy reflecting on the past and planning the future. As a business, you obviously want every year to be better than the last. After such a great year 2017 was, I honestly wasn’t sure we could top it. We did. We nearly doubled our client growth goals […]

Blogging With a Purpose – Part 2: What Are You Writing About?

This is the second part of our three-part series that examines the purpose behind blogging and how businesses like law firms can benefit from an established blog. Our second installment will look at blog topics, researching, and relevancy. If you’re looking to learn how and why to write blogs with SEO in mind and gain […]

New Google Maps Feature – Following Businesses via Maps

Shortly after Google announced its dropping of Google+, they announced a new piece of functionality hitting Google Maps. They’ve unveiled the ability to “Follow” businesses directly in Google Maps. Once you’ve followed a business, you’ll begin receiving news and updates from them when the business makes posts or updates to their Google My Business.

Legal InSites Wins 2018 MarCom and Davey Awards

Legal InSites is pleased to announce the addition of multiple MarCom and Davey Awards to our collection. Our team takes an immense amount of pride in the work we provide to our clients. To have that work recognized by others is both an honor and a reward. We have been recognized for the following websites […]

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Fun in Williamsport, PA – 2018 Edition

The most wonderful time of the year is full of hustle and bustle—you have holiday gifts to buy, parties to attend, a tree to decorate—and you still want to make time to enjoy what the season has to offer! This can easily overwhelm anyone but don’t worry, Legal InSites has you covered. Our holiday blog […]

Blogging With a Purpose – Part 1: Who Are You Writing For?

This blog is a part of a new series that will examine the purpose behind blogging and how businesses like law firms can benefit from having an established blog. We’ll break this down into three parts: who you’re writing for, what you’re writing about, and why you’re writing. So, if you’re looking to learn how […]

Extra Life 2018

We’re back at it again, for the 3rd year in a row! At Legal InSites, one of our philosophies is “Work hard, play hard”. We work hard to bring our clients the best SEO and marketing results possible, but we also love letting our nerd flags shine in other areas– such as in the video […]

Anatomy of the Perfect Law Firm Blog – Part 2: Research

This is a continuation of an ongoing blog series that looks at each of the individual parts that make up the perfect law firm blog. Every marketing website on the planet has about 50+ generalized, fluffy articles on how to write a generalized, fluffy blog, but you want more than generalized fluff, right? We’re here […]

What is Facebook’s New “Services Template” and Do You Need It?

As expected with the algorithm changes that Facebook made earlier this year, business pages have seen their organic reach take a nosedive and many of us are willing to try whatever it takes to fix this. Recently, Facebook business page users received emails stating that the company was pushing its template options now more than […]

Legal InSites Gives Back: American Rescue Workers

Legal InSites Gives Back: American Rescue Workers

The citizens and businesses of Williamsport are no strangers to helping those in need. Our community has numerous organizations dedicated to reaching out to people in times of distress. One of those organizations is the American Rescue Workers. While many of us probably recognize the ARW because their trucks pick up our yard sale leftovers […]



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