What Facebook’s Changes Mean for Your Law Firm

With the new year always come a lot of new experiences and changes. But one place we all know, Facebook, has been rolling out some pretty major updates so far in 2018. Facebook noticed that its users were dissatisfied with the content on their newsfeeds, citing that branded content was pushing out the important posts […]

The Importance of Quality Web Hosting in Legal SEO

The Importance of Quality Web Hosting in Legal SEO

The internet is flooded with thousands of companies offering to host your website. You may think it’s the last thing you should worry about and that any old host will do. You couldn’t be more wrong. In the crazy competitive legal SEO world, a top-of-the-line web host is critical to your success. Qualities to Look […]

What Does “Client-Driven” Content Mean?

One idea that gets thrown around a lot in marketing and content creation these days is the concept of “client-driven”. But what does the term mean and how does it apply to law firms and legal content writing? Let’s break it down. At its core, client-driven content refers to content that’s created with the client […]

Legal InSites Wins Gold AVA Digital Award

We’re proud to announce that Legal InSites has won a 2018 Gold AVA Digital Award for one of our client websites we launched this past year. The design was created for DiTrapano Barrett DiPiero McGinley & Simmons, PLLC, also referred to as DBD Law, a personal injury firm in Charleston, West Virginia. You can view […]

How a Style Guide Will Help Your Legal Content

Writers familiar with style guides like AP or Chicago know how they shape and provide general rules for content. Maybe you’ve found that your field of writing works better with some of these rules, but not all (some of us still believe in the Oxford comma). Having a company style guide tailored to your needs […]

Social Media as the New Legal Industry Word of Mouth

For as long as there have been lawyers, legal representation has largely been a word-of-mouth business. Satisfied clients recommend legal services to their friends and family based on experience they may have had. This type of advertising can have a huge impact on a firm’s reputation, because if someone you know and trust would recommend […]

Grow Your Law Firm in 2018

As we already know, it’s 2018 and the times are changing. No longer is your website just an online brochure you want potential clients to only go to only when they see your website URL on a billboard or in a TV commercial. In 2018 and beyond your website should be a powerhouse lead-generating machine. […]

Ending the Divide Between Legal Marketing and Client Satisfaction

As a small or solo practice law firm, it can be intimidating to look at what large and corporate legal practices are doing and why. Everything from a large firm’s budget to their practice policies, case proceedings, and marketing strategies will vary from those of a small practice. Despite these differences, glancing at the corporate […]

How to Research and Write Content Quickly

You’ve had your morning coffee, your word document is open, and you’re ready to write your first blog of the day. You check your blog topic and– you have no idea what it’s about. While it might not happen with every blog, every so often your topic might as well be in a different language. […]

Google Speed Update for Mobile

Google Speed Update – Page Speed as a Ranking Factor in Mobile Search

Google has announced a new ranking algorithm that will affect mobile search queries. Google is calling it the “Speed Update”. Starting in July 2018, page speed will officially be a ranking factor for mobile searches. Google has been using speed as a ranking signal in desktop searches since 2010. With them shifting to a mobile-first […]



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