Anatomy of the Perfect Law Firm Blog – Part 1: Introduction

Today we’re starting a brand new series that looks at each of the individual parts that make up the perfect law firm blog. Every marketing website on the planet has about 50+ generalized, fluffy articles on how to write a generalized, fluffy blog, but you want more than generalized fluff, right? We’re here to rise […]

How Blogs Help Deliver Unique Content and Boost SEO

Keeping up with blog posts is a job that’s never finished. No matter how far ahead you get in your work, there’s always a blog post you could write. While it may seem overwhelming at times to maintain a blogging schedule, you’re adding valuable content to your website that may be doing more for you […]

What Does “Client-Driven” Content Mean?

One idea that gets thrown around a lot in marketing and content creation these days is the concept of “client-driven”. But what does the term mean and how does it apply to law firms and legal content writing? Let’s break it down. At its core, client-driven content refers to content that’s created with the client […]

How a Style Guide Will Help Your Legal Content

Writers familiar with style guides like AP or Chicago know how they shape and provide general rules for content. Maybe you’ve found that your field of writing works better with some of these rules, but not all (some of us still believe in the Oxford comma). Having a company style guide tailored to your needs […]

How to Research and Write Content Quickly

You’ve had your morning coffee, your word document is open, and you’re ready to write your first blog of the day. You check your blog topic and– you have no idea what it’s about. While it might not happen with every blog, every so often your topic might as well be in a different language. […]

What is “Legalese” and Why is it Bad?

If you’re a lawyer, you may already be familiar with the term “legalese”. For those who may be unaware, it refers to “legal speak” or language that is filled with a whole lot of legal terminology and scholarly/academic words, phrasing, and terms. Legalese is using terms like “stipulation” and “statute” without explaining their definitions. It’s […]

Top 6 Mistakes Made when Managing a Law Firm Blog

Blog management for law firms can often seem like a chore. You’re busy managing your firm—how can you possibly have time to keep up with a blog as well? Without updates, a law firm blog is as good as dead, and consistently coming up with new article ideas can be a challenge, especially for practice […]



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