What is Facebook’s New “Services Template” and Do You Need It?

As expected with the algorithm changes that Facebook made earlier this year, business pages have seen their organic reach take a nosedive and many of us are willing to try whatever it takes to fix this. Recently, Facebook business page users received emails stating that the company was pushing its template options now more than […]

What Facebook’s Changes Mean for Your Law Firm

With the new year always come a lot of new experiences and changes. But one place we all know, Facebook, has been rolling out some pretty major updates so far in 2018. Facebook noticed that its users were dissatisfied with the content on their newsfeeds, citing that branded content was pushing out the important posts […]

Social Media as the New Legal Industry Word of Mouth

For as long as there have been lawyers, legal representation has largely been a word-of-mouth business. Satisfied clients recommend legal services to their friends and family based on experience they may have had. This type of advertising can have a huge impact on a firm’s reputation, because if someone you know and trust would recommend […]

How Lawyers Should Use Twitter

We all know that social media is one of the best tools for getting our message out into the world and connecting with other people. Twitter, Facebook, and the like are used personally and professionally on a grand scale. We have embraced character limits and boosted posts to make sure our content gets to our […]

An Open Letter to Tweeting Lawyers

If you think that your social media presence is a huge hassle that you’re forced to deal with and maintain, STOP. If you think that social media success for law firms is an unattainable feat, STOP. Stop thinking and start realizing that social media can be an incredible opportunity for your firm! The faster you […]

Tips for Using Social Media to Generate Legal Client Leads

You’ve probably heard the terms “lead generation” and “lead conversion” before in regards to gaining new legal clients. In legal digital marketing, lead generation is the process of gaining new potential clients after they view your site or social media post and gain an interest in your firm. Lead conversion occurs when those interested potential […]



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