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In order to succeed, law firms and legal practices rely and depend on one factor more than any other: Trust. A perfect lawyer-client relationship—the type that drives cases to a successful conclusion—relies on trust. Most law firms still gain a significant portion of their clients by way of referrals. Without trust, referrals wouldn’t exist.

Before a law firm can gain a new non-referral client, trust must be established. When a client seeking legal assistance browses law firm websites, they have no reason to trust any of the sites they’re visiting—until they see something worth placing trust in. A site is a collection of blank pages until written content is placed on those pages. A surprisingly large percentage of law firms choose to fill their site pages with impersonal, barely-readable legal speak and plenty of obvious SEO keywords but little in the way of useful, credible content. These sites also tend to abuse marketing speak to extreme levels, making visitors wonder if the site was previously owned by a car dealer.

How do sites like this establish client trust? News flash—they don’t. These are the sites that potential clients are likely to bounce right off of. It’s comparable to when we walk into a new business and the employee at the front desk offers no words, but grunts and hands us an outdated company brochure instead. Would we have any reason to trust that company? Not really. The manner that information is presented to us matters. If a law firm can’t be trusted to provide useful, relevant information, how can it be trusted with a legal case that may very well put our entire financial future at stake?

A firm’s site that instills trust in potential clients will contain client-driven law firm content writing that covers the firm, its attorneys, and the case types that firm specializes in. Content regarding cases and practice areas will feature fresh, updated information that’s 100% credible and unique. A blog will contain information that pertains to current cases and local news, allowing visitors to gain a brief glimpse into the inner workings of the firm.

Potential clients will walk away from that site having learned a great deal—and they may even bookmark the site for later or make an initial phone call/send an email off. When a potential client views your site long enough to retain interest, learn something new, and feel as though they can believe the folks behind the site, this is how trust is established.

The Content of a Law Firm’s Website Determines its Value

If you’ve done any research on how to best to fill in your blank site pages with text, you’ve likely come across the phrase “Content is king”. A gorgeously-designed website can only get your firm so far. Without legal written content that’s interesting, in-depth, unique, useful, and SEO friendly, your site won’t attract many clients.

Writing legal content that’s interesting, in-depth, unique, useful, and SEO friendly is a tough order. You may think you can get away with paying a random writer $5 an article to fill up your site’s blank spaces, but remember we mentioned those boring, barely-readable articles with keyword stuffing aplenty and enough marketing speak to send even the bravest of consumers running? Those types of articles tend to come from inexperienced writers or writers who are outsourced for pennies. Your potential client base is smart enough to not fall for that. That type of writing may fill in the blank spaces, but it will not establish trust between your firm and its potential client base.

At Legal InSites, our writers specialize in legal content writing for law firms. We only write legal content. We have years of experience writing for law firms and other legal professionals, giving us an advantage over 99% of the content writing agencies out there.

Our legal writing experts can provide the following:

  • Client-driven content writing that provides information on matters potential legal clients actually want and need to know about.
  • Content that’s written to be 100% understandable no matter the reader’s age, background, or level of education.
  • SEO optimization through keyword research, mapping, and creative usage techniques.
  • Content that’s 100% unique, interesting, engaging, and useful for clients seeking legal aid—complete with creditable sources where necessary.
  • A thorough interview early in the writing process that will determine what direction you want your content to take and your firm’s goals, etc.
  • Content that’s customized to the needs and goals of your firm.
  • Content that continues to evolve as your firm and the industry evolve, providing clients with consistent, up-to-date information.
  • Content rewrites as necessary that will take any existing content and entirely rework it, creating fresh content that’s interesting, useful, and up to date.
  • Monthly/bi-weekly new content additions in the form of website page content, blog posts, press releases, and anything else you or our team members can think of (we love experimenting with creative ideas—don’t hesitate to give us your best!).
  • Regular ideas and suggestions for new content from team members, if requested.
  • One round of client feedback for all content written, giving you a chance to request changes or make suggestions.

The world, by and large, is unfortunately still rather hesitant to trust the legal industry. A sizable portion of the American population tends to think of lawyers as sleazy, selfish money-grubbers. It’s a horrible stereotype and obviously not true, but surmounting that stereotype takes a little bit of effort—and trust. By providing your potential clients with the type of information they’re looking for in a manner that encourages trust, we can work together on getting rid of that harmful stereotype once and for all.

Place your firm’s trust in us, and we’ll help you establish a unique, evolving content foundation that brings you the potential client numbers—and trust—you need to succeed.



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