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By now, every owner of a legal practice realizes the importance of keeping a company blog. Law firm blogs are ideal places to announce news, share press releases, and keep clients and potential clients informed about changes in the legal industry or to cases your firm is currently following and/or representing clients for. A blog can also be a great way for clients to keep up with your firm after they’re finished working with you.

A law firm’s blog is much more than a simple news ticker or distribution tool, however. Hidden deep within every bit of news and line of text, there lies a gold mine of SEO-optimized keywords and content that can be used to help boost your site’s search engine rankings and receive new potential clients. To make the most from this gold mine, a legal blog needs to be approached as more than just a blog—but as a completely customizable marketing palette you have absolute control over.

When a potential client who’s done their homework views a law firm’s blog, they’re looking for information about the firm and about how that firm is portrayed to the public. A blog, like any online, public medium, is a window to a company or organization, allowing potential clients to see how that company or organization communicates. Great communication skills are essential to any firm. Online communication skills—including those perceived while reading a blog—are just as essential.

Potential clients who understand this view a law firm’s blog looking for a few things in particular:

  • That the blog is kept updated: A blog that isn’t updated very often shows that either the firm is too busy to handle such tasks or that its staff members haven’t utilized it enough to realize how useful it could be. Both opinions are negative and imply that the firm may need work in their communication department.
  • That the blog shows authority: The author of your blog’s articles must be an expert in legal matters and showcase that fact within their writing. All sources must be credible.
  • That it’s actually interesting: This is a big one many firms neglect. In order for potential clients to read your blog, they must find it at least partially interesting. Don’t forget to add the human element.
  • That it’s unique: Uniqueness matters. There are already thousands of law firm websites out there with content that’s copied-and-pasted ten times over. You better believe that a potential client who’s browsed more than one site will realize the importance of unique content.
  • That it’s accessible: Accessibility also matters. You want your blog articles to be written by legal experts, but you also want folks to understand them. Potential legal clients aren’t legal experts, remember.
  • That it isn’t poorly written: You’ll want your articles to be written by a legal expert with writing experience, a legal copywriter, or a legal content writer. Don’t expect just anyone to be able to write about legal content flawlessly. Everyone can write. Not everyone can write well.

Knowing what to do with a blank palette isn’t easy. On top of the above requirements, a blog must also be rich in law firm SEO. Law firms typically make a few mistakes when managing their first blog. Most of these mistakes can be linked back to not realizing the full potential of the blogging platform or not properly implementing on-page SEO elements.

If your firm needs assistance with making the most out of its law firm blog content and making sure it’s interesting, unique, well-written, credible, and rich in SEO, Legal InSites has you covered. As part of our law firm content writing offerings, we’ll help you every step of the way—from coming up with blog ideas to writing them, including 100% organic SEO elements, and helping ensure you never run out of new content.



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