Law Firm Content Rewrites and Editing

If your law firm’s website is full of content you originally published quite a few years ago, there’s a good chance that content is in need of a fresh coat of paint—and a bit of rewriting. Legal content writing tends to depreciate and lose its value rather quickly in comparison to content published in other industries. This is largely due to the fact that laws evolve and cases reach conclusion, but also because the legal industry itself evolves just as fast as its laws.

There’s a huge percentage of law firm websites that feature outdated, obsolete content. Continuing to use outdated information not only harms the legal industry’s reputation, but it also makes it difficult for legal clients to figure out what information is current. How can a client be expected to trust a law firm when 75% of that firm’s online content is no longer true?

The sites that are the worst offenders never feature content with posted dates. When were those cases filed? What were the conclusions? That information is never found on these types of articles because the articles are written with a false pretense of being “evergreen” or always current. These are usually the same articles that are written extremely poorly, and consist of info mainly copied from other websites. Smart prospective clients are forced to fact-check these firms before reaching out to contact them. How is that fair?

It isn’t. If a client has to fact-check a law firm’s site content, they have no business placing their confidence in that firm. Legal practices owe it to their clients and potential clients to take the time to keep their website content updated. If that firm hasn’t made updates in a very long time, they owe it to their client base to make the edits and rewrites necessary in order to ensure all information is current.

That said, it’s almost impossible to keep every page of legal content writing perfectly updated without a little help. Updates take time, and finding credible information with sources can take even longer. While running a successful practice, it can be tough to keep your site’s content updated at the same time.

At Legal InSites, we can keep those updates rolling for you. If necessary, we can also take any existing site content and apply the necessary edits and law firm content rewrites to ensure your content is up to date and credible as well as interesting, informative, and SEO-friendly. As part of our initial site assessment, we’ll take a look at your current content and tell you how we can improve that content and bring you the new clients you need to help your firm reach its potential.

As part of our legal writing services, we can additionally provide editing, proofreading, and fact/source-checking services for any site content, blog posts, articles, editorials, newsletters, documents, white papers, or eBooks that are written by your firm’s employees or attorneys. Editing and proofreading matter. You owe it to your potential clients to take all of your written content to the next level.



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