Law Firm Press Releases

You may think that press releases should only be sent out on a regular basis by large companies and major law firms. Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t the case at all. Any law firm—large or small—can and should write and send out press releases regarding major news. You never know when a legal publication might be interested in covering your press release, and in getting word out about your firm, you’re increasing your chances of building new business relationships and potentially gaining new clients.

Press releases are also a smart way of reporting firm-wide news without having to write up several different documents. Law firm press releases can be distributed through multiple channels as well as posted on your firm’s blog and even in various social media platforms. They can save time in that regard, and conveniently include contact information for anyone who’s interested in reaching out to you afterwards. Press releases also tend to look and present with a great deal of professionalism which can help increase the reputation of your firm.

Finally, press releases can have a significant impact on your law firm’s overall SEO efforts. Well-written press releases contain a great deal of quality keywords that can drive interest towards your site, and if the press release gets published on a public distribution site or by a legal publication, you’ll receive quality backlinks and off-page SEO.

The next thing you’re probably wondering about is what exactly constitutes as “major news” for a law firm. What news is newsworthy? New business launches are always worth writing a press release about, as are new business partnerships, mergers, partner announcements, and new forms of doing business that you feel might be “first” material. Awards—either those recognized by legal organizations or publications, etc.—are often worth writing a press release about.

Finally, major case announcements can often be turned into a press release. If the case impacts more than 10-20 plaintiffs, it may be worthwhile to write a press release regarding the case and the roles your specific attorney(s) played or are going to play in seeing that case come to a conclusion. Before writing any press releases on a case, make sure you’re allowed to publicly disclose that information, of course.

The great thing about writing press releases that focus on your firm’s attorneys and specific cases is that this gives you quick access to quality backlinks that can be used when discussing your attorneys or cases on other websites or over social media. The more press releases you write and the more you distribute them to public channels, the easier it becomes to spread the word about your firm and the successes you’ve had. Like all forms of law firm content writing and SEO, building up a repertoire of press releases starts off difficult, but progressively becomes easier as the process is continued.

Legal InSites can help your firm write and distribute press releases as part of our legal content writing services. We can even help come up with a basic, firm-wide template that can be used for future press releases, simplifying the writing and distribution process significantly. Handling press releases may seem like a hassle, but with the right help, they don’t have to be.



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