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Search engine optimization (SEO) is often referred to as being this secret method of organizing and using the keywords and links that can magically boost a site’s search engine rankings. Want to know the secret method? There is no secret. There’s no magic involved, either, though that would certainly be cool.

Marketing professionals often talk about SEO being mysterious due to the fact that Google and other search engine companies keep a tight lid on the algorithms and formulas they use to determine how sites get ranked. It only makes sense. Just think about what would happen if these algorithms were made public. Marketers would have a field day coming up with how to min-max every little thing.

If this were to happen, rankings would stop being rankings and we’d end up with a random list of min-maxed sites instead. In order for search engine creators to maintain listings that are based on naturally-occurring search habits, we have to be left guessing at least a little bit.

This “guesswork” is what digital marketers like the team members at Legal InSites thrive on. There’s much more involved than simple guesswork, however. Our team pairs years of experience along with the latest SEO research and techniques to come up with strategies that no longer produce mere “guesses”—but proven results.

We won’t lie—it’s not easy to produce great SEO results. But it is possible. The world of SEO is constantly evolving, and that’s why we’re here. We approach SEO for law firms using a unique concept. We call it the “Evolutionized Approach”, and this approach not only allows us to keep up with the latest SEO trends and research, but allows us to create content that evolves alongside those changes. Thanks to this approach, you’ll always receive fresh, unique content that keeps you high on the search engine rankings.

Lawyer SEO: Taking SEO a Step Farther

Through our experience, we’ve found that “one size fits all” SEO strategies don’t work—especially for the legal profession. When a client browses a law firm’s website, the last thing they want to read is one keyword-stuffed article after another about cases they have no interest in. Legal clients tend to only look for content pertaining to their exact interests. They also, of course, want to only research lawyers in their specific area. Local SEO is more important to the legal profession than many other professions, in fact. If a law firm can’t use their website to attract local clients, that site becomes essentially useless.

At Legal InSites, we believe that individualized SEO development and execution strategies are becoming increasingly important for law firms and lawyers. Just as your cases and focuses vary, so will our SEO tactics.


There are three stages to how we handle search engine optimization:

  • Research Stage: When it comes to law firm SEO, this first stage is vital. We’ll ask questions regarding your firm’s outreach goals and about the types of cases you wish to focus more on in the future. We’ll research local legal trends. We’ll then provide an initial analysis and come up with a proposed plan of action.
  • Content Creation Stage: Legal InSites aims to create content that’s uniquely suited to your law firm while ensuring it does well in search engines. In doing so, we help attract potential clients who will do more than leave your site right away. Strong on-page SEO and off-page SEO elements attract visitors and keep them interested while web design elements prioritizing local traffic make it easy for users to reach out to your firm.
  • Analytics and Reporting: After we design or update your firm’s website and add law firm content writing, we’ll regularly monitor and analyze what works and what doesn’t, making changes as needed to ensure everything does work. We’ll produce new content as needed, including social media/blog content to keep everything fresh. We’ll investigate the SEO areas that could use more improvement, and we’ll make those improvements. We’ll help build strong backlinks. All findings will be reported to you so you can see 100% of our progress and add your input.

After implementing the above plan that’s personalized to fit the needs of your firm, we’ll keep the lines of communication open, offering continual services, reports, support, and updates. Additionally, we’ll provide you with new content additions on a regular basis that aim to increase SEO efforts. Unlike many digital marketing companies, our SEO services aren’t a one-time offer. Our goal is to help you see more traffic and retain that traffic—thereby increasing your potential for new clients.

Running a law firm is time consuming enough. You shouldn’t have to hassle with figuring out the best SEO practices or how to optimize keyword usage. Leave all that to us—law firms are our specialty. Let us see how we can help you receive the traffic and new clients your practice needs.



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At Legal InSites, we're not here to offer a one-time solution.

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