Analytics and Reporting

If you’ve read this far into our spiel, you’re likely familiar with the fact that in order for your law firm’s website to achieve high search engine rankings and consistently receive new client leads, it needs to feature strong search engine optimization (SEO) elements. Implementing a SEO-friendly site design and website content may place the optimization puzzle pieces in the right spots, but there’s another step that fastens the pieces in place. That step is what we refer to as the analytics and reporting phase of legal SEO.

This step tells us what strategies are working and where further improvement can be made. It tells us which of your chosen keywords bring in the most amount of traffic and which keywords aren’t seeing much use. It shows us how often potential clients are visiting your site long enough to read your site content and how many are simply bouncing away immediately after viewing the front page.

Google makes a small part of this analyzation process simpler due to its built-in Google Analytics feature. The largest portion, however, consists of comparing keywords, utilizing the latest research to figure out new methods of creating content and adjusting keyword usage, and adjusting various design elements of a firm’s website to make the most out of local SEO elements, links, tags, URLs, and on-page SEO.

Search engine algorithms like the ones Google uses steadily evolve yet are never publicly disclosed. This keeps legal digital marketing experts continually thinking ahead and constantly researching. We spend a large portion of the analyzation process devising new methods of studying site traffic and data as well as creating new ways of promoting keywords and figuring out what changes were made in the latest algorithm evolution.

At Legal InSites, specifically, we approach SEO for law firms as we would any creative roadblock that needs a long-lasting solution that won’t run the risk of becoming obsolete. Our analysis and content creation strategies, tools, and methods evolve alongside the legal marketing industry and the law firms we work with. This guarantees that no changes to Google’s algorithms catch us by surprise or cause us to panic. We stay ahead of the game so you don’t have to.

After we analyze your firm’s website and come up with ideas for improvements, etc., we’ll report our findings and give you a chance to offer any suggestions or make any goal adjustments. We’ll talk about what we have in mind as far as our next move. Our reports will be 100% transparent—no hidden numbers or facts whatsoever. This allows you to see what type of progress we’re making and deliver honest feedback. We’re here to work with you, not against you. Transparency is essential to how Legal InSites does business.

This analyzation and reporting process isn’t a one-time deal, either. For the entire time we work with your firm, we’ll regularly analyze and provide transparent reports regarding your site’s data and traffic, employing new techniques and strategies to help you reach your SEO goals and gain the new clients your firm needs.



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