Social Media for Law Firms

Less than five years ago, social media for law firms was largely seen as unnecessary. Social media in general was seen as a “time wasting communication tool” only some professional industries took advantage of. That opinion has now evolved. Every person we know, see, and communicate with interacts with at least one social media platform on a regular basis. Any business—no matter the industry—that chooses to throw away the opportunity to have a strong social media presence effectively tosses away new clients and revenue.

This includes law firms and lawyers. In the past, firms had to be contacted by phone primarily. Today, law firms that use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as marketing and communication tools give clients and potential clients new ways to contact a firm, ask questions, keep in touch, or simply keep tabs on a firm. Law firm social media profiles bounce right to the top of search results, and communicating over social media is quick, easy, and can even be enjoyable. When communication tools are simple to use, folks have an easier time reaching out and potentially becoming new clients.

Social media platforms also give legal clients and professionals a way to keep track of the firms they work with or that impress them. This makes it easy to extend referrals or simply remember the name of a recommended firm. For professionals, one of the greatest assets of social media can be found within its networking potential. With a single finger press, you can bridge new connections within the industry and widen your firm’s area of influence. Building new relationships with other firms, professionals, and communities can make a noticeable difference in gaining new clients and client trust.

Establish New Connections and New Client Relationships

Social media marketing is often seen as an exercise in frustration for many professionals—something that has to be done but is more of a chore than anything else. The same can be said for legal social media marketing, but law firms are faced with additional challenges due to the fact that the legal industry’s presence on social media can be somewhat taciturn or subtle in nature. This doesn’t diminish the overall effectiveness of the industry’s presence, however. It just means we have our work cut out for us.

That’s where Legal InSites comes in. Our legal marketing experts specialize in social media marketing for law firms and only law firms. Our team can help your firm and its attorneys:

  • Create and maintain active social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Regularly share new site content, blog posts, and local news that will help build your firm’s online reputation and help you acquire an entirely-organic follower base.
  • Establish new connections by following legal professionals, organizations, and other law firms that may result in reputation growth or that express interest in connecting.
  • Interact with followers and the legal community on a regular basis.

We’ll also provide regular reports regarding your firm’s social media successes and any strategies or insights for further improvement. As your practice, case load, and firm-wide goals change and evolve, our legal social media strategies will change and evolve right beside you.

Having a strong social media presence makes it easy to keep your law firm fresh in the mind of your clients, community, and anyone who’s interested in the legal industry. When you’re the first law firm someone in need of legal aid thinks of, that means you just potentially gained a new client. Don’t let an opportunity like that slip by. Let us help ensure it doesn’t.



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