Maintaining a Strong Social Media Presence

Every business owner realizes the importance of social media, but for some businesses, managing social media can be difficult due to the fact that not all businesses perform equally over social platforms. Social media for lawyers or law firms can seem especially challenging to manage. Sure, sharing blog posts and press releases is simple enough, but what then? How do you maintain a law firm or lawyer’s social media presence so it makes a difference in how many new client leads you gain?

The first key to maintaining a social media presence as a lawyer or law firm is to realize that building a follower base takes time. Unlike some professions, a legal practice most likely won’t be able to organically build a large follower base overnight. Realize that and instead focus on gradual, consistent follower growth. Use these tips to obtain new social media followers and client leads at the same time and follow up those leads by engaging with your followers on a regular basis. Balance engagement with sharing your firm’s blog posts and other written content along with other online legal content you personally find interesting.

Don’t forget to talk about what you or your firm is doing that has an impact on the legal and local communities. Social media management depends on consistent engagement, but also quality engagement that can hold the interest of your followers. Spamming share link after share link isn’t interesting. Think of social media as a way to hold a quick conversation with your followers. Don’t hesitate to talk about local events your firm will be attending or charities that interest you. Reach out to legal organizations through social media and make new connections that help get the word out about your firm. Share pictures as often as possible.

While some businesses thrive on sharing posts and information with as large of an audience as possible, social media for law firms is more dependent on knowing your specific target audience and sharing content that you know that audience will appreciate.

Who makes up your firm’s target audience? Here’s a list:

  • Your current client base
  • Any friends and family members who support your practice
  • Fellow legal professionals
  • Local community members who support your practice
  • Local community members who may be in need of legal aid

Notice the importance of local community in the above list? Lawyers and law firms need the support of their local communities. Everything from your firm’s overall SEO efforts to its local SEO efforts, blog posts, and website design needs to focus on your local community. Always be thinking of new ways to engage with your local community and how to make a positive impact on those around you.

When thinking about how to engage with your audience, think about what they find interesting or important. Where do your interests cross paths with the interests of your target audience? Make a list of common interests. Some starter ideas include local charities, venues, historical landmarks, civil rights movements, events, organizations, awards, projects, publications, and positive causes you and your firm are passionate about.

Try out a few ideas and see what works and what doesn’t. Get feedback from those you trust. It’s perfectly okay to experiment when it comes to law firm social media management. Remember, social media is supposed to be fun. Don’t treat it like a dreaded root canal. People enjoy social media platforms because they’re quick, painless, and allow us to stay in touch with a few finger swipes. If you’re not genuinely enjoying your time on social media, it may be time to try a new approach.

If you need help tackling the challenges of legal social media management, don’t hesitate to get in touch today. Legal InSites can help your social media presence have the impact it needs to help you or your firm retain new client growth.



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