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When we visit a business in person, what do we see first? What acts as a gateway? That building’s exterior. From the moment we enter the parking lot of a new business to the moment we leave, we’re forming opinions of that business based on what we see and experience. If the lawn isn’t well-maintained, we may cringe. If the door’s blocked by piles of boxes, we may not enter. If the building looks like it hasn’t seen a fresh coat of paint in 10 years, we may not even bother getting out of the car.

For today’s internet-savvy world, a website functions exactly like an office building, letting potential clients know everything about that business up front. When scoping out a business online, there’s a good chance we’ll immediately leave one site and go to another if the first operates clunky or takes more than a couple seconds to load. If a site doesn’t look like it’s been updated in years or doesn’t have the right info in an easy-to-find spot, we may look around for a few seconds then leave in frustration.

It’s natural human behavior. Humans form opinions quickly and use those opinions to later make important decisions. When someone in need of legal assistance looks at a list of local law firm websites, they’ll visit a few then make a decision as to which to contact. If your website hasn’t been updated lately or is frustrating to operate, there’s a good chance you’re turning away more clients than you may believe. You owe it to your practice to create as good of a gateway to your law firm as possible.

Cutting Edge Technology Drives Client Growth

We’re all web savvy these days—no matter how young or old. We know how to tell the difference between a great website and an awful one. Law firm web design used to boil down to “make your info available online”, but settling with just any old site doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s no longer about preparing for the future. We’re living that future.

At Legal InSites, we embrace that future-made-present wholeheartedly. Our legal web designers constantly research the latest cutting edge techniques and design tools, creating websites that look gorgeous and perform flawlessly. And we’re not just about the bells and whistles, either. Accessibility matters to your firm and potential clients—and it matters to us, too.

In order for a law firm website to perform well and attract new clients, it needs to:

Load quickly: We no longer have the patience to wait around for dialup-like page loads. Lightning-fast load times are essential.

Be accessible: All navigation options must be easy to find and organized in a non-confusing manner. The site itself must not bog down users or computers and/or devices. If someone can’t view your site without getting frustrated, they won’t bother trying.

Be mobile friendly: Mobile accessibility is no longer an option. A huge percentage of web users primarily use mobile devices when researching businesses like legal practices. A law firm’s site needs to be designed using responsive web design elements in order to ensure the site looks great and runs spectacularly on computers, tablet computers, smartphones, and all the other mobile devices our tech gurus can dream up.

Be ready to rank: Law firm SEO incorporates two types of optimization—optimization that occurs when a site is first launched, and optimization that occurs afterwards as fresh content is published. A great law firm website launches with tons of search engine optimized on-page content and off-page resources already in place. This helps you climb those Google and Bing rankings as quickly as possible.

Be optimized for legal clients: Your potential client base is looking for very specific information regarding the types of cases your firm handles and the credibility of your attorneys. That info needs to be easy to find and not lost under dozens of ads and links to useless pages.

Allow for easy updates: If you own a site you can’t easily operate or make updates to, it will gather dust and eventually become obsolete. Our law firm web designers exclusively use WordPress—the most popular online content management system (CMS) available—to ensure the groundwork of your site stays stable. WordPress also makes it easy for our team and yours to make content updates as often as you’d like to.

Web Design Specifically for Law Firms

A law firm website shouldn’t look like the website of any other type of business. Similarly, no two law firm sites should look the same. At Legal InSites, our web designers build every website from scratch with a firm’s goals, preferred practice areas, client base potential, and specific requests in mind. Every site we build features unique, custom-built graphics, logos, and design elements that capture the core values of the firm, promoting client acquisition that’s entirely organic.

Our team only does web design for law firms and lawyers– no one else. We make it our business to understand law firms inside and out. We know what drives clients to certain sites over others, and we know how to encourage those clients to get in touch with you and your attorneys. Let us create our best work for your gateway.



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