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Responsive web design for law firms

We all have our preferred ways of browsing the internet. At home, we might prefer to use a laptop or desktop computer. On the go, it’s either a tablet or smartphone. Accessibility is more important than ever, and every website we visit needs to be created with accessibility in mind. That’s where responsive web design comes in. A site designed using responsive web design elements and methods will automatically adapt to whatever viewing environment the viewer is using. This means that the site looks and performs flawlessly on every type of device—from desktops and laptops to tablets, smartphones, and any other type of device that technology may dream up.

Law firm websites need to be created using responsive web design techniques. In today’s technology-rich world, responsive websites are no longer an option. They’re a necessity. If a potential legal client can’t view your site comfortably or struggles to utilize its options, they will not hesitate to seek the aid of another firm instead. If your site hasn’t been updated to feature responsive web design elements, you’re potentially missing out on hundreds of new clients.

Smartphones are rapidly becoming the #1 way consumers—including legal clients—browse the internet. It’s no wonder, really. Smartphones can be used from anywhere and in any setting. Finding a local law firm is no longer a matter of dragging out the phone book or sitting down at a computer desk for an hour. With a few quick touchscreen taps, potential clients can find an ideal law firm while waiting at the doctor’s office or in line at the grocery store. Thanks to local SEO rankings, potential clients can even research local firms based on location-specific factors like driving distance.

Mobile computing is so popular that Google even changed the way its search engine ranking algorithm works when it comes across sites that perform well on mobile devices. A 2015 update made it so websites and pages that are mobile-friendly receive a boost in their search rankings. In the SEO/marketing world, we coined this update “mobilegeddon”. Sites that don’t load well on mobile devices and aren’t designed with responsive coding elements in place will plummet on the ranking listings– until they eventually become obsolete.

Having an obsolete website is effectively a death sentence for any business these days. Law firms are no exception. Even the best legal SEO strategies in the world can’t save a firm’s website against inaccessibility. At Legal InSites, we specialize in web design for law firms and lawyers. All of our sites are created with fully-responsive law firm web design elements in place, guaranteeing the user a flawless viewing experience no matter the type of device they are using.

As technology continues to march forward, you can also bet we’ll keep up with any and all changes, ensuring your site never lets you down and always helps you retain new client growth.



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